This is a scrubbed read-only dump of the information I have gathered and organized in my main family-tree software (RootsMagic) as I continue to research my wife's ancestry and mine.

Under the "Favorites" section below‎, you'll find links to the four main limbs of the tree which represent the families of my parents and my wife's parents, or you can use the search bar to look for particular individuals.

For privacy reasons, all persons assumed or proven to be living have been completely removed.  This site contains 5,290 people out of the over 9,000 I have documented in RootsMagic.

If you have any questions or updates, please let me know via the link at the bottom of pretty much every page on the site.

Bill Anderson
Onalaska, Wisconsin


I've written some documents/reports over the years based on some detailed research I've done into a couple of limbs of the tree. Here are some links to them (will open a new browser/tab).

Anderson - Ancestors and Descendants of my great-grandfather Hans Anderson
Sweeney - Descendants of my 2nd great-grandparents Dan and Maggie Sweeney
Kueter - Ancestry and Descendants of my wife's 3rd great-grandparents Johan and Maria Kueter

Did You Find Yourself?

If anyone described on this web site is alive, please notify me using the link at the bottom of each page. He/she will be removed as soon as possible.

Conversely, if you know of anyone who has died and should be added, please let me know the place and date of their passing. He/she will be added.